D.I.Y ||Tissue Paper Tassel Garland||

Hey guys! Since I’ve been home from school, I’ve moved into a new bedroom and began to decorate. It’s painted and all the furniture is moved in and arranged. However, the walls are empty. It’s been my mission to find the perfect decorations to pull the room together. After scrolling through Pinterest, I came across tassel garlands and fell in love. Rather than buying them, I stopped by the craft store and made them myself. It took about two hours to complete and it came out amazing. I thought I would share this DIY project with you!


 What You’ll Need:
– tissue paper
– fishing line
– scissors
– ribbon
– ruler
-pen / pencil

What To Do:
1. Fold one piece of tissue paper in half. Press down on the crease and then fold it in half again.
2. Lay the tissue paper down so that the fold line in on the top. Take a ruler and measure an inch down from the fold. Then, draw a line across the issue paper to mark where to stop cutting.
3. Begin cutting strips from the bottom until the line you just drew. When you come to the end, or reach a fold on the side, cut that strip off. This will allow each piece of tissue paper to make two tassels.
4. Once all strips are cut, unfold the issue paper.  Separate the two sheets.
5. Lay the paper down and begin tightly rolling.
6. Fold the rolled paper in half, twist, and create a loop.
7. Secure loop with fishing line.
8. String with ribbon and hang.



I hope you enjoyed this DIY project. I hung my garland up today and it made a huge difference in my room! Do you guys have any suggestions/ ideas for preppy bedroom decor? If so, Let me know!

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