Hey guys! Since I spend most of my time down the Cape, I am submerged into a sea of preppy fashion. Whether it’s a little boutique I discover, or a random women walking on the street, I find fashion inspiration everyday. This week, I discovered my newest obsession, Mahi Gold. The nautical inspiration behind the brand is seen throughout the company’s signature prints. The dresses are to die for and the company is based, and everything manufactured, in the USA. Here are some of my favorite pieces for you to drool over, too!
mahi gold

Wellesy Wrap | $188 |
Addie Dress | $110 |
Bimini Boatneck | $11o |

Mahi Gold is a Cape Cod inspired line. The dresses are amazing and the company has clothes for men and children, too! I can’t wait till I get my hands on one (or all three ) of these dresses. What to you guys think of this beachy brand? Let me know in the Comments!

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