College Dorm Inspiration

Hello everyone! I know what you are thinking, Why is she posting about school? To be honest, I love this time of year because I get to plan out and buy decorations for my room at school.

dorm room inspoLast year, my room was a lot bigger and I had tons of storage space. This year, however, my room is about half the size.  The color scheme last year was navy, gold, and white. This year, I’m going for a romantic blush, ivory,  and gold color pallet. I will be using flowers, lace, and a touch of glitter to pull the room together. So far, I have only picked out the colors and began looking online for unique pieces for my room. I always start purchasing items early. This way, you spend a little here and there; not all at once. I will, most likely, make a post before I head to school and include everything I bought.  I will, also, post pictures of my room all decorated!

If you guys would like any other college related posts (what to buy, storage ideas, decorations, check list, etc. ) let me know in the comments!

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