Summer Trend || neoprene bathing suits ||

Hello everyone! This summer, I jumped onto the Triangl bathing suit bandwagon. Neoprene bathing suits are a huge trend this summer. The most common neoprene bathing suits is made by Triangl, a company operating out of Australia. However, this is not the only place to purchase these popular bathing suits. Here are a few more options that maintain the trendy look (some are even cheaper!) I hope you enjoy!

neoprene bathing suits

Triangl | Price Point: $79 -$99 | Both pieces included in price |

Otilly |Price Point: $69 – $89 | Both pieces included in price |

Brakinis | $59.99 – $69.88 | Both pieces included in price |

Victoria’s Secret | $20.50 -$76.50 | Tops and bottoms sold separately |

It’s important to keep in mind, neoprene is a very demanding material and you have to be careful when wearing, cleaning, and drying the suits. So far, I love my Triangl suit and highly recommend it! However, it’s more of a tanning / pool suit than beach bathing suit.

After checking out these other sites, Brikinis has identical suits for a cheaper price! Otilly and Victoria’s Secret have noticeable difference, but are still great alternatives.

What do you think about this bathing suit trend? Let me know in the comments!


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3 thoughts on “Summer Trend || neoprene bathing suits ||

  1. kitkatdana

    Love my Triangl too! I have my review of mine coming up on my blog tomorrow, and I’d love to have some feedback from someone else who owns one of these bikinis! What style of Triangl do you have? I’m debating splurging on the Chloe style as a second bikini…. but I should probably wait a while : P



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