Social Media | 3 ways to Disconnect Yourself |

Presentation1Hello everyone! In today’s world, social media is as natural as breathing and as addicting as watching Gossip Girl. I can honestly say, I spend way to much time scrolling through my phone. Lately, I’ve been making an effort to stay off my phone and live in the moment. It was hard at first, but disconnecting yourself from social media is a great way to focus on what’s happening right in front of your. I hope you enjoy my 3 ways to disconnect!

1. | Leave Your Phone at Home |
I know, I’m crazy. How could you not have your phone in arms distance? It’s easier than you think. Why do you need a phone at the beach anyways? Everyone has seen the countless pictures of the ocean and sand by now and won’t miss you Instagram post that much. Instead,bring along camera to capture the moments.

2.  | Limit Yourself |
The first thing I do in the morning is check my phone for messages and jump onto my social media sites. Sometimes, I get so consumed in scrolling ( I blame Pinterest ), and an hour has gone by. It’s only 9 a.m. at this point. Try limiting yourself to only an hour a day. It can be when you wake up or right before you go to sleep. You can even split it up between the two. Trust me, you won’t miss that much.

3. | Don’t Bring a Charger |
I’ve seen people in the weirdest places sitting on the floor, and charging their phones. Is it really that important? Take a day and leave the charger at home. If your phone dies, it probably means you were on it too much anyways. Use this dead time to have talk instead of a text.

Once in a while, it’s nice to put down your phone and really be connected to what’s going on around you. Many times, our first instinct is to take a picture or take a video of something, just to post it online. Next time, capture the moment yourself and forget the picture.

We spend too much time looking at the world through a phone.

I hope you enjoyed this post. How do you disconnected from social media?


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2 thoughts on “Social Media | 3 ways to Disconnect Yourself |

  1. katewinsss

    i LOVE this post! i went on a media fast for a day, actually it was really tough being away from all electronics (besides a microwave) all day (especially being a blogger!)


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