Weekly Wrap Up | July 26 – August 2|


Hello everyone! Last week was crazy busy and I didn’t have the time to post this on Sunday. Here is my weekly wrap up from last week. Enjoy!

| Monday |

On Monday, I got up early and drove two hours to a job interview. This was the first long car trip of the week. After my interview, I drove straight home. However, it was worth it!

Here is what I wore for the interview!

| Wednesday |

Another two hour drive was upon me. I drove, with my best friend, to New Hampshire, to fill out paper work for a different job. The drive up was filled with endless conversation. We stopped by a local restaurant, where I had the biggest caesar salad of my life.

| Thursday |

Can you guess what I did? I drove once again. But, this time I went to the Cape. After the drive, I got to the house and laid on the couch until dinner. My boyfriend and I, along with his parents, went to Osterville and ate at Crisp. It’s truly one of the cutest pizza places on the Cape.

| Friday |

My boyfriend and I spent the afternoon at the Mashpee commons. We ate lunch at Trevi, which was delicious (as always). After lunch, We stopped by the Lilly signature store, In The Pink. There was an amazing sale going on. I couldn’t help but go in and look around. Zachary, surprised me with a darling shift dress later that day.


| Saturday |

Boat day! We spent the entire day on the boat with friends. It was a perfect relaxation day.

| Sunday |

Another day in paradise, relaxing by the pool all day, getting lunch, and grilling out in the backyard. At night, I finally got to see Trainwreck! I was dying to see it for weeks.

I hope you enjoyed a little look into my life. Be sure to check back on Sunday to see this week’s wrap up. And I promise, it will be posted on time!

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