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Slide1Hello everyone! For those like me, moving back to school means leaving behind most of your extensive wardrobe.Each year, I spend hours going through my closet trying to narrow down what I’ll be bringing with me. Here are some of my stable pieces that I could not live without at school. Enjoy!


All Seasons
| Rain Boots | Gym Clothing & Sneakers | Professional Attire | Rain coat | Leggings, Yoga Pants & Sweatshirts | Ballerina Flats |


Summer // Spring
| Jacks | Shift Dress | Chinos | Romper |


Winter // Fall
| Cardigan | Peacoat | J Crew Puffer Vests | Ankle Cut Jeans | Riding Boots |Booties |Infinity scarfs |

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 Keep in mind the amount of closet space you have at school. If you don’t have room for a year’s wardrobe, just bring clothes for each season and switch them out when you go home for breaks. What are your college closet essentials? Let me know in the comments!IMG_0168Social Media  | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Follow my blog with Bloglovin |

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