Weekly Wrap Up | August 3 – 9 |


Happy Sunday everyone! Here is another weekly warp up and it’s on time! Enjoy!

| Monday & Tuesday |

The first two days of the week were dedicated to planning and writing blog posts. I like to take a day or two to organize my ideas and perfect the post before they are posted.

On Tuesday, I made the most delicious blueberry lemon cake. Check back tomorrow to see a post all about how to make the amazing recipe. Here is a sneak peak at the end result!


| Wednesday |

To be honest, I was really lazy this day. I replied to emails, wrote a post, and relaxed by the pool for the rest of the day. Nothing exciting.

| Thursday |

After spending a day running errands and crafting, I had dinner with family celebrating my grandpa’s 87th birthday.

| Friday |

Netflix and pizza day.

| Saturday |

To conclude an otherwise boring week, on Saturday my mother and I went out for a mother daughter date at the Boston Tavern. We had a great time talking, listening to the band, and enjoying a mudslide or two.

| Sunday |

I began the day with a drive to the cape. Later, I cought a five o’clock showing of the new Mission Impossible movie. It was no Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but it was pretty good. I’ll be here for the majority of the week. Sorry this week has been so uneventful. I really wanted to take off a week and just relax. Next week, will be full of activities and cool things to post about. I go to school in two week (ahh). I hope you enjoyed this, kinda boring, weekly wrap up! IMG_0168Social Media  | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Follow my blog with Bloglovin |

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