Dorm Tour

dorm tourHappy Friday everyone! I’ve been at school for a few days and finally settled in. I love my room! It’s so comfy and cute. If you didn’t know, I’m Resident Adviser at school. So as a junior, I’m living in the Freshmen hall and get a room all to my self. It amazing; I get a huge bed and two closets (every girls dream)!

Click Here to see my room inspiration & Here to see some of my decorations up close!

   In case you couldn’t tell, I love Christmas Lights.

  All I can say is I’m obsessed! There is something I love about sleeping in an all white bed; it’s magical.

  Yet, another picture of my bed.
  Desk one: make up desk. This is where I keep all my make up and beauty products (and shoes, can’t forget the shoes).
  Second shelf from the top, third pair in : my new Jacks!   My DIY mason jars make amazing make up brush holders and are super cute.
  Closet one: Dresses and Oxford shirts.
Closet two: Jackets, sweatshirts, rain boots, and storage.   My tiny fridge had nothing but seltzer water, a.k.a my basic means of survival.
  This is two dressers I pushed together to make a bureau. it just has some random things on top for now. 
Desk number two:For school, work, and more work.  

Because you never know when you will need them.


This is the beginning of what is going to be a gallery wall. I have a few more pictures to hang up before it’s completed. I have so much space ( a rare concept for the average college student). I actually have empty drawers! It’s crazy.

I’m really loving how my room came out! I going add a few things as the semester goes on. It’s just in the beginning stages of perfections.

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