Weekly Wrap Up |August 31- September 5 |

Presentation1Hello everyone! I hope your Wednesday is going amazingly. I’m sorry this post is so late and I’m sorry for my other all lack of posting. But without further adieu, here is what my week looked like.

| Monday |

My first day of class! Monday was super busy and I spent the majority of the day running around going from class to class, the gym, and meeting friends for various meals. Overall, I liked my classes (despite having to take a English class). Check back on Saturday to see my first day of class outfit!

| Tuesday |

I am in love with only having one class at 3:30pm. I got to sleep in until 10! After taking my sweet time to get ready, I met my friend for coffee and did some errands. I have so much extra time to catch up on work, write a few posts, and plan out the rest of the week. Today’s class is the hardest one of my semester. I can’t say that I’m too excited for it. I love the whole college thing minus the class part.

| Wednesday |

I had the best nap of my life today. I just thought I would share that because, for me, sleep is not something I get a lot of. Other than that, I spent the day in class, having lunch with a friend, and having a program for my residents later in the night. We painted bricks for out rooms and the turn out was great!

| Thursday |

I went to the greatest place on earth today, Chipotle. I can already tell you, in these weekly wrap ups, you will find that I go there a lot. I’m OBSESSED.

| Friday, Saturday & Sunday |

Labor Day weekend was pretty uneventful activities wise and I don’t have much to write about.

Thank you for reading! I hope you all have an amazing week!

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