Weekly Wrap Up | September 7 – 13 |

Presentation1Happy Sunday! I’m on time with this post! I’ve worked out my class, work and posting schedules. I am confident that I will be much better at posting consistently.

| Monday |

Labor Day means no school ! I spent the day with my Residence Hall at the Bear Olympics. Basically, this is when all the freshman halls compete in various activities; such as volleyball, musical chairs, and dodge ball. As an RA, I got to help run and judge the activities  (and make sure my Hall won). I  had a lot of fun, despite melting in 90 degree weather for hours and getting second place. Oh, I forgot to mention I got to take 6 pizzas home after. It was a dream come true.

| Tuesday |

After sleeping in, I decided to go to the gym. I was so proud of my motivation to get out of bed. I love spinning classes at the gym. In total, I rode 11 miles and felt super accomplished for the day and it was only 12:30. After, I had my 3:30 class and then Duty at 9 until 12.

| Wednesday |

So, today I discovered that the gym is not my friend. Yesterday, I damaged a nerve in my leg and it is inflamed. Go me! My leg is really numb and it’s really freaky to walk when you can barley feel your legs. Reason number 5,678 why I don’t like the gym. I’ve been advised to move as little as possible and rest for the next few days. But, this leg will not stop me from going to dinner tonight!

| Thursday |

For the first time in forever, I wasn’t dying of heat today! However, it was raining cats and dogs all day. It was certainly a day of firsts because I wore pants today. I know, crazy. After classes today, I had training for my new job! It went really well and I can’t wait to start my role as a cheerleading coach. I left cheerleading behind about four years ago. I’ve misses it so much! I, also, went grocery shopping. Lately, I have not been enjoying my diet, so I went to pick up so healthier snacks to have in my room. No more Oreos at 2 am.

| Friday |

To end the week, I traveled down to Hartford to visit Zachary. We spent the afternoon walking around Blue Back Square, in West Hartford. It was a beautiful day! We had lunch at Rizzuto’s. This was my third time there, and it was amazing as usual. I highly recommend the seared tuna!

That was my week in a nutshell! I hope you enjoyed reading these kinds of posts. Have amazing week everyone!

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