Weekly Wrap Up | September 21-27 |

Presentation1| Monday |

My Monday’s are never anything special. I had class from 9-11, lunch at 11:45, and another class at 2. I went to the gym after and finished my day with a staff meeting at 8:30.

| Tuesday |

I did my typical sleep all day and went to class at 3:30. I got dinner after class with a friend and then got dinner with a friend.

| Wednesday |

I actually went to the gym again. I love spinning classes. Today I skipped the class and just spun on my own. I rode for a little over 11 miles.


| Thursday |

Today was a busy day! I woke up early and went to shopping with a friend.  Sadly, I got pulled over on the way back from this outing. It was NOT my fault. I ended up missing a meeting and pushing it back further in the day because of it. Lesson learned: get your inspection sticker updated on time. After this traumatic incident, I got my car inspected and went out to lunch. I had my meeting around one and then class at 3:30. I spent the remainder of the night in my hall.


| Friday |

I spent my morning in class and afternoon shopping. I could not resist a shopping day any longer. I drove to a cute shopping plaza and went crazy. the two stores I bought things from were the Gap and Ann Taylor. Everything was 40% off at the Gap. It would be an injustice if I didn’t buy something. I got a greenish dress for under $12. It was a steal. At Ann Taylor everything was on sale, too! This was a dream. I got an adorable $119 dress for just under $40. I also tried the new Starbucks toasted gram late. It’s a new favorite. I got a little crafty and painted a little before going out.    IMG_6341IMG_6338

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    • Sophie Cannon

      It depends on the instructor. At first I was a little intimidated, but it didn’t last long. Don’t let it scare you and go at your own pace. You’ll love it, I promise!

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