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September 20, 2014
Contact: Sophie Cannon

Ray Rice: Fathers Be Good To Your Daughters

Baltimore, Maryland – In a room filled with skeptical football fans, grief and remorse stricken, former Baltimore Ravens Halfback, Raymell “Ray” Rice was repentant of his actions today, Sept. 20, as he revealed his new anti-abuse campaign, ‘All Wives are Daughters’. Rice announced his plans to speak students about the dangers of domestic abuse across the nation.

“Every girl, girlfriend, or wife is some man’s daughter. I wouldn’t let anyone lay a hand on my daughter and I had no right to do what I did. No one has that right. It doesn’t matter who you are.” said Rice earlier today.

Rice and his wife have joined forces with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) to launch an anti -abuse campaign entitled ‘All Wives are Daughters’. Rice will hold a series of talks in high schools and colleges nationwide, spreading their message, focusing on the ideas that all mothers, wives and girlfriends are someone else’s daughters.

Rice sought forgiveness from his fans, friends, family and most of all his wife and two-year old daughter. With his wife, Janay, and daughter, Rayven, standing firmly at his side, Rice announced his plan for redemption

The conference was held in Baltimore, Maryland the site of Rice’s former NFL team. The conference was open to all parties’ interest in Rice’s new chapter. The majority of the audience was men, young and old, ready and willing to listen.

Since March, Rice had been undergoing anger management counseling and weekly therapy sessions.

Ray plans to continue on his path to a better self and his evolvement with the NCADV campaign. The ‘All Wives are Daughters’ campaign is expect to launch by early spring.

Ray Rice was a 2nd round draft pick (55th overall) for the Baltimore Ravens in 2008. The three time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion is no focusing of his family life. Ray, Janay and daughter Rayven plan to live a happy life outside of the NFL.

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