SAMPLE: Writing

Nestled on the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts lies a sleepy, little beach community. New Silver Beach sits fifteen minutes from the hustle of downtown Falmouth. A mixture of old and new, houses lined the winding roads drawing me towards the shore.
As I arrived, a sun-bleached sign, welcomed me. The parking lot was modest and run down; worn out in the most charming manner. Lines on the pavement were faded and the picket fence leaned to its side, in exhaust, after years of standing. Cape Cod’s classic, laid-back character was ever-present.
The small, narrow parking lot sat empty. This was a strange sight for a Cape Cod beach in the middle of July. As my boyfriend, Zachary, and I parked the car, we heard the restless tide in the distance. My name was being called by the ocean.
The board walk sighed, from fatigue, as we made our journey to the water front. After a few steps and a small incline, our eyes were met by the Atlantic. The beach, small and humble, stretched a short distance on either side. The breeze said hello as it tussled my hair. I stepped onto the sand leaving reality on the board walk.
I sat in the sand and took in the postcard worthy view. I picked up a handful of sand and sifted it through my fingers. Childhood memories rushed to my head. I was the kid who left the beach covered head to toe, filling the car with sand and driving my mom crazy. The beach always brought back good memories. It also brought on a sense of peace and tranquility.
The rhythmic crashing of the waves complimented the hush of the wind blowing through the tall grass and the birds singing in the sky. This melody created the soundtrack to a perfect day.
We had the beach to ourselves. Dozens of boats were scattered throughout the water. They bobbed contently with the rolling waves. Two jetties sat parallel on each side of the beach; giant gates guarding our secret utopia

The sun sunk low, the light dancing on the water top. A pink hue consumed the sky as the blazing sun descended beneath the horizon. The air, still warm, swaddled me in a blanket of warmth. As I walked along the water’s edge, my feet sunk in the sand. Each step left behind a perfect footprint, evidence someone was there. But soon enough, it would be washed away by the ocean’s cleansing tide.
Stars emerged as the moon took its rightful place in night sky. Crickets chirped, joining the melody as the singing birds slowly faded away. As we walked back to the car, the board walk sighed and we did too.